Jerusalem Marathon 2016

logoMakom LeKulam was founded in 2010 to transform Israeli society to be more welcoming of and accessible to people with disabilities.  Through our flagship National Service program, Makom LeKulam empowers young people with disabilities to create social change and make a meaningful contribution to the state and at the same time receive important skills for independence and employment. Our leadership group of young people with disabilities implements educational programs for thousands of students in the Jerusalem area,  thus raising awareness to accessibility, changing attitudes towards people with disabilities , making the Jerusalem educational system more accessible and inclusive and making the city of Jerusalem a better place to live. The organization assists the young leaders and graduates of the program in realizing their rights and preparing themselves for independence, higher education and employment, and helps them fulfill their dreams and realize their potential and abilities.
This year our team running in the marathon will include: Jerusalemites active in our organization, parents of children who have been empowered by our workshops, students whom we have assisted in the process of changing attitudes and most important – our young leaders!

Your contributions will help us:

* Provide guidance and training to young leaders coping with diverse disabilities and challenges
* Implement programs in the educational system to create a more accessible and inclusive educational system
* Fund assistance for graduates of the program to realize their rights, strengthen  their leadership abilities and succeed  in higher education and employment
* Establish leadership groups all over Israel