About Us

 "MAKOM LEKULAM: A PLACE FOR ALL" Vision and goals


In Israel today there are over 1,000,000 people with disabilities: people with capabilities, desires and aspirations.


In "A PLACE FOR ALL – promoting social inclusion" (R.A.) we promote a society in which people with disabilities will be full partners in the fabric of life, and will be able to exercise their rights and fulfill their potential  in the manner of their choosing. The activities of the organization are led by a diverse group of people, including people with disabilities, and thus the organization serves as a model for inclusion and for creating "a place for all".

Through our flagship program, we train young people with disabilities to utilize their abilities and make a meaningful contribution to society, helping them to acquire the skills and the confidence to continue on to higher education and employment.


We believe that by working in an integrated way with the three sides of the triangle: perceptual change in general society, empowerment of people with disabilities and support for their immediate environment (family, educators, etc.) we can create a society with room for growth and for mutual support and responsibility, a place for all!


רובי פלאח Reuven Falach, Chairperson of the Board of directors 

brynavid (1) Bryna Levy, Board member

אבי בן ז'נו Avi Ben Zano, Board member

Oren bas, Board member

ברוריה פירון Brurya Piron, Board member

נעמי צור Naomy Tsur, Board member

תמונה לפייסבוק Nechama Cohen, Executive Director


גלית אגמון Galit Agmon, Educational Workshops Coordinator

תהילה צוהר איתם Tehila Tzohar Eitam, Youth Coordinator

שושי ברוך Shoshana Baruch, Project Development Coordinator